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Tom Cowe designer & developer

A UK born creative thinker, Website Developer and Photographer who prides myself in seeing the world upside down. Art, Design, technology, and photography has always been prevalent in my life and dates back to the age of 7. Rulers, drawing paper, and Protractors were my best friend growing up. I used to sit for hours drawing ships. I was fascinated with yachts and cruise ships and I would have loads of sketches of them that were crafted with only rulers.

Its probably safe to say that I could have been an architect or some kind of structural engineer as a 7 year old, haha. Fascinated by all things technical, I moved my focus to software, computers, and cameras investing my time in taking things apart, rebuilding Hard Drives and finding out how things worked. With learning how Cameras worked, emerged my love for photography and still art and grew over time.

As I got older, I played with early Photoshop CS2 and began taking photos and figuring out how to edit through a trial and error basis.

I am a designer, creator, and photographer.. Its just what I do. I spend a lot of time now working with small to medium sized businesses designing their website and handling their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Helping them maintain their high page ranking on Google.

Where i'm located

United Kingdom

I currently live in Cheshire, in the North West of the United Kingdom. I love travelling with my girlfriend who is a professional wedding photographer from America. We love to meet and work with new people. 

Now that you know about me, I’d love to learn about you and your project.