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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of your website being seen in the search results on search engines such as Google. This is called “Ranking”. Lets say for example someone searches Google for “Plumbers in my area”. If you where a Plumber in that area, naturally you would want your website to be shown in the results because that person could be a new customer for you. We perform SEO in Wirral & Chester for businesses and individuals who want to rank in the search results.

We include it as standard with our Web Design Services. This saves you money as you don’t have to purchase a separate service from us. If in the future you would like to extend this service, then we have packages available for that as well! Please contact us if you require separate SEO for your website.


How our SEO will help your business!

We use all the standard SEO practices to ensure your website has the most chance of success on the Search Engines..

Keyword Research

We start every SEO Campaign with good keyword research. This will ensure we use keywords that are actually being searched for on Search Engines.

On-Page SEO

Here we structure every web page on your site in a way that search engines can understand. By writing keyword friendly content.

Link Building

Search Engines rank websites higher that have good quality back links. This is called domain authority. We take time every month to build your site good backlinks.

Content Writing

Populating your website with fresh and engaging content is extremely important if you want to appear high in the search results.

Monthly Reports

Every month we will send you an SEO performance chart so you'll be able to see how your website is ranking on Google. We will also include SEO suggestions for next month.

Competitor Analysis

Ranking higher than your competitors is important that's why we implement different strategies each month so your site will eventually rank higher in the search results.

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