Florist Web Design

Abingdon Road Flowers
Year: 2022
Platform: WordPress
Work: Web Design

Abingdon Road Flowers, nestled in the heart of Kensington, London, UK, is a boutique independent pop-up florist.
Specializing in enchanting blooms, they thrive as a local favorite.
Their digital storefront plays a pivotal role in driving sales,
necessitating an uncomplicated yet robust and secure platform for seamless customer transactions.

As a dedicated florist web design partner, we empower Abingdon Road Flowers with a captivating online presence.
Our tailored solutions blend simplicity and security, ensuring a potent and user-friendly
experience for customers seeking to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty and make effortless purchases.

Filterable Shop Page

Since Abingdon Road Flowers stock and sell a wide range of Flowers and arrangements, they requested the we give their customers an easy way to filter through products within the shop.

The result was simply that.., customers can filter Flower arrangements by using seach terms, categories and occasions.

Simple product pages

Following on from a filterable shop page, the individual product pages feature a clean and simple layout with custom fields integrated making it easy for the customer to swiftly make purchases.

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