Insurance Broker web design

Year: 2021
Platform: WordPress
Work: Web Design & SEO

Insure-us, headquartered in the heart of London, England,
distinguishes itself as a prominent insurance provider specializing in Health and Life insurance solutions.
However, what truly sets them apart is their pioneering commitment to
environmental sustainability – a trailblazing “Green” approach that resonates deeply.

At Design Flight, we undertook the mission of sculpting an online presence as exceptional as Insure-us itself.
With our expert web design, we’ve seamlessly woven their unique values into an intuitive and visually captivating website.
Through strategic SEO enhancements, we’ve propelled Insure-us to new heights of online visibility,
ensuring that their environmentally conscious message reaches the right audience.
Witness firsthand how our partnership with Insure-us stands as a testament to both
innovative web design and an unwavering commitment to ecological well-being.

Insurance quote forms

Customers are able to easily enter their information to compare insurance quotes.

Insurance policy cards

Insurance policies are displayed on the home page in easy to read CTA cards.

Custom countdown clock

Through their “Become a better ancestor” program. Insure-us promises to plant one tree for every insurance policy they sell.

I integrated a custom countdown clock that is connected to “The World Counts”, a site that highlights the importance of Global Warming.