Laser Therapy Web Design

Laser Medicine London
Year: 2022
Platform: WordPress
Work: Web Design & SEO

Laser Medicine London, a distinguished therapeutic Laser clinic situated on prestigious Harley Street in London, UK,
extends an expansive array of Low Level Laser Therapy treatments, addressing both health and cosmetic concerns.

Our journey with Laser Medicine London began by seamlessly weaving their vision into a captivating online presence through meticulous web design.
With a keen focus on user experience, we harmonized their expertise with an intuitive interface, ensuring visitors easily navigate their offerings.

Beyond just aesthetics, our comprehensive approach encompassed strategic SEO enhancements,
propelling Laser Medicine London to the forefront of search engine results.
By optimizing content, refining keywords, and enhancing site structure, we amplified their digital visibility,
ensuring their therapeutic brilliance shines through to a broader audience.

Today, Laser Medicine London’s website stands not only as a testament to their exceptional services
but also as a testament to the power of purposeful web design and strategic SEO integration.

Google reviews API integration

I created a custom page that integrates with Google reviews. The page automatically pulls in all reviews and displays them conveniently within their own card.

Custom patient booking system

Laser Medicine is a clinic, their patients need a easy way to book online. To solve this issue I created a booking system what allows a bookings to be made via a popup window. The system also allows payments to be accepted upon booking via a secure gateway.

Managing the bookings is easily accessable for the site administator by using the admin panel on the backend of the site.

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