Vehicle parts supplier web design

Year: 2022
Platform: WordPress

Parts4hybrid has established itself as a premier online supplier, specializing in Electric and hybrid vehicle parts.
Through strategic channels like eBay, Amazon, and an affiliated platform,
they have solidified their position as a dominant force in the United Kingdom’s EV parts market.

To amplify their digital footprint, we seamlessly integrated web design expertise into their journey.
Our meticulous approach to web design transformed their online presence into a user-centric powerhouse.
Simultaneously, we fortified their SEO strategy, optimizing every facet of their website to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.
This cohesive effort propelled parts4hybrid into an even more distinguished stature,
fortifying their status as one of the UK’s most prominent EV parts suppliers.

Customer order tracking

Customers are able to easily track their orders right within the site. This is made possible by a custom plugin that connects via API to the most popular delivery providers.

Customer dashboard

Customers are able to login to their own account where all of they orders can be tracked and payment information can be securly stored for future purchases.

eBay store syncing

Since Parts4hybrid sell their products on other online marketplaces, it was an absolute must that their site also list the same products.

All of their products where listed on their eBay store and there was a lot of them! over 2000 products to be exact. To solve this requirement, I custom built a plugin the connects to the eBay API. Thus allowing the parts4hybrid site is able to automatically sync all the products and display them within the site shop.

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